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  • Cumming Street Photo
  • Cumming Street Photo
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Cumming Street

This is a project I took on to clean up an ex rental property. It was DISGUSTING when i started, and when i was done it was sold in about 10 days. All new paint, flooring, trim and much much more. All the sub floors were screwed down with my Ryobi impact with lithium battery, Trim cut with my Ryobi 10" compound miter saw, all while listening to tunes on my portable Ryobi 18v radio. Also got to use my Ryobi drill and reciprocating saw (18v) and of course to make the floors look their best, my Ryobi multi tool undercut the casings to fit the floors underneath... I think this was a HUGE transformation!!!


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Upload Date: 03/30/2012

Difficulty: Advanced

Time: 160 hours